Why are web design companies, graphic designers, printing companies, ad agencies, programmers and other development professionals clamoring for optimized listings in SBDGraphics.com?

Besides giving you plenty of room to tell potential clients all about your business and showcase your best work, this directory for graphics professionals optimizes listings for the greatest benefit to your site and your business.

  1. Listings in SBDGraphics.com are optimized naturally for high visibility. So your directory listing can show up in search engines independently when someone searches on the keywords you’ve used.
  1. You can control elements that are important for optimization:
    • The text you specify in the Title field will show in your profile page’s title tag.
    • Your Description and Keywords will form the meta tags for your profile page.
    • Your directory listing URL contains beneficial keywords including your category, company name and location.
    • You can include as much text as you like to help your page rank better!

See how this sample directory listing takes advantage of all these elements!

  1. You don’t need any technical SEO skills to create a super-optimized directory listing at SBDGraphics.com. Just use our simple profile form to enter your information and you’re set!
  1. Your directory listing passes along these SEO benefits to your web site. You won’t see no-follow tags here! And as this directory grows in page rank, it will pass along more and more link juice to your site through your optimized listing.
  1. We don’t require you to link back to us like many other free directories. (However, you can give your profile page more power by linking to it from your site. Some people choose to place a link like this in an inconspicuous place on their footer: “See us in the Web Design Directory at SBDGraphics.com”, for example.)
  1. We publish your listing immediately, so there’s no waiting to be accepted. (However, please be aware that we do check all new directory listings to ensure they maintain a high standard. If we find that your listing is not in line with the level of quality we want to maintain for all our users, we’ll contact you to help you improve your directory listing.)
So what are you waiting for? Get your optimized directory listing now!

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